Presenting at #OAWeek

I was invited to present on a panel at La Trobe University’s Open Access Week by La Trobe University Library’s Senior Learning Advisor Clare O’Hanlon. If you want to know more about Open Access, and some of the issues associated with equity in higher education and research, Clare wrote a wonderful post that I highly recommend reading.

I spoke about Open Access in relation to the three main disciplines I work and research in: education, sexual health, and writing/journalism. I discussed how access to research can impact on various populations, including the most marginalised, and what editors and ‘gatekeepers’ of knowledge could do differently to ensure research reaches its intended audience.

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to get down and nerdy with other academics, researchers and librarians on this year’s theme, Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge. It was great to talk to Lauren Gawne and Paul Kelly about our research and thoughts on possible future directions for Open Access.

I am looking forward to seeing what discussions and research emerges in response to these events!

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