I have recently been part of a number of Podcasts and radio segments. I get nervous every time but it’s nothing that a cup of tea and a friendly interviewer can’t fix!

The first is “Queer Sex Education in Australia”, a radio segment on Triple Bi-Pass: Sex Bi the Bi on JoyFM, where I discuss queering sexual health and sex education with Nat. We talk about approaching sex education in ways that promote a healthy understanding of queer sexual health and issues.

The next is “Problematic Faves”, the story I told at the Queerstories live storytelling evening, which I previously wrote about here. My story is about my love of Enid Blyton, Homeland and The X-Files. I just love the Queerstories podcast as you get to hear so many great stories from the community!

The first of a few radio segments I did over the last month was when I was interviewed by Madison Griffiths on 3CR Tuesday Breakfast about Archer Magazine missing out on funding and our community fundraising campaign. I’m on the show, “The fight against trade union repression in the Asia-Pacific, Archer Magazine’s funding cuts and Love and Thoms v Commonwealth”, around 42 minutes in.

The next radio segment, “Archer Magazine and Gender Perspectives on the News”, was when Sally Goldner and I discussed the latest news on 3CR Out of the Pan.

Finally, Kel Butler interviewed me and my wife Dr Rachel Chapman for the Writes 4 Women Podcast about gender, sexuality, education and writing. Listen to our episode, “The Language of Gender” here.

Image: Austin Distel

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