Last night was incredibly exciting for me. I told a story at Queerstories, which is one of my favourite events in the LGBTIQA+ community, on Halloween of all nights. My story is titled ‘Problematic Faves‘ and I talk about Enid Blyton, The X-Files, The L Word, Homeland and many others.

I got to drool over my favourite characters in front of an understanding  and supportive audience. My wife, Rachel, was sitting up there front and centre. I couldn’t see anything because of the bright lights except for her gorgeous smiling face, which was ideal. Also, my beautiful family and friends were there in the audience. Thank you all so much for coming! <3

Also, the night was made even better by the fact that I was part of a dream line up of queer dreamboats: Yen EriksenCharles O’GradyTara SuambaMarisa WikramanayakeGeraldine Hickey and Maeve Marsden.

You can listen to my story and all the others on the Queerstories podcast; make sure you subscribe and listen to the other amazing stories.

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