Essay in ‘Living and Loving in Diversity’

My essay about my complex relationship with my hair (and its links to ethnicity, religion and trauma) has been published in the Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council’s amazing book, Living and Loving in Diversity: An anthology of Australian multicultural queer adventures. The book was launched on 21 September at St Kilda Town Hall.

ScoMo’s phobias

I wrote an op-ed for Ten Daily about Scott Morrison’s comments on-air with Alan Jones and Neil Mitchell yesterday. These conservative men may think they are being subtle, but the homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and slut-shaming is evident in their words. Jones took umbrage at one exercise in the curriculum in which students use character cards and …

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greyhound racing in Australia

I wrote an op-ed on greyhound racing and welfare for Ten Daily. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the Adoptions Coordinator for Greyhound Rescue Victoria and the Founder and Managing Director of Amazing Greys who shared their insights on the industry. Check out my article here.

It’s time to stop being complacent about white supremacy

The media loves to create outrage and controversy. It’s the cheapest way to generate clicks and views. I wrote an op-ed for the Channel Ten network about why networks like Sky News must stop providing a platform to white supremacist views. Read it here.

Improving healthcare experiences for LGBTIQA+ people

I was recently involved in the North West Melbourne Primary Health Network’s video about LGBTIQA+ people’s experiences with accessing healthcare. We were asked questions about our experiences and issues with health practitioners, how they made us feel, and what we would say to providers about providing healthcare to LGBTQIA+ people. Video The North West Melbourne Primary …

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Presenting in the USA

A couple of weeks ago, my wife Rachel and I flew to the USA for two conferences. The first was the Popular Culture Association‘s National Conference, held in Indianapolis this year. Presenting and attending PCA was a very exciting experience, which is not something one can say about all academic conferences. They cover a wide …

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It’s Not easy being marginalised

During the postal survey on marriage equality, both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ campaigns often used trans and gender-diverse people to make a point. Our sexual preferences, clothing, mental health and genitalia were discussed in the media but also by supposed friends and allies, often in offensive, exploitative and harmful ways. I figured it was time …

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Interview on ABC Sydney

I was interviewed by Robbie Buck on ABC Radio Sydney on the day that the postal survey result was announced. You can listen to the segment below.  

Interview with Bent TV on Channel 31

During the postal survey shenanigans, I was interviewed by Anthony Lekkas (from Triple Bi-Pass on Joy 94.9) for Bent TV. You can probably tell we had a fun time chatting. Check them out below. Part 1 Part 2