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I am working on a memoir called The Queerness of Marriage, on the political, social and emotional reverberations of the marriage equality campaign in Australia. It explores the conflicts between queer identity, religion and tradition, and how this can impact on mental health. An except was shortlisted for the 2014 Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers.

For enquiries about my writing, please contact Jeanne Ryckmans at Cameron’s Management.


Silence and stillness, Kill Your Darlings, Issue 28, January 2017

My Helmet, Going Down Swinging, February 2016 (republished by PRISM international, Canada, in February 2016)

Memory Box, Seizure, January 2015

‘A double bed, please’, The Adventure Report, January 2015

‘Leaving Sydney’, Postcards: everywhere all the time, February 2014


‘Being trans-exclusionary is not radical’Meanjin, 23 January 2018

‘It’s not easy being marginalised’, SBS Sexuality, 24 November 2017

‘Marriage equality is not the biggest issue affecting LGBTQ Australians’, The Huffington Post Australia, 14 November 2017

‘Men of Manus: The stories of the refugees we have left behind’, Junkee, 7 November 2017

‘Out of the closet’The Big Issue, 2 November 2017

‘Inside the marriage equality furore with ‘Same Love’ singer Mary Lambert’Junkee, September 2017

‘The Bachelor: Understanding the attraction of watching the reality show’, Archer Magazine, September 2017

‘Re-reading Anne Frank’s diary as a queer Jewish person’, SBS Sexuality, April 2017

‘On physical queer identifiers and “passing” as straight’, SBS Sexuality, January 2017

‘Five things you didn’t know about the bento box’, Urban Walkabout, December 2016. Unfortunately, Urban Walkabout has entered into voluntary administration and this article is no longer available online.

‘Why I agree we need to celebrate heterosexuals, with one caveat’, The Vocal, November 2016

‘The Supermoon, grief and a turbulent month’, Urban Walkabout, November 2016

LGBTI people need doctors to leave their prejudice at the door’, Daily Life, October 2016

‘A love story with Taylor Hanson: How I found queerness In hetero ’90s pop culture’, Junkee, November 2016

‘The shy extrovert and the social media introvert’, The Vocal, September 2016

‘A personal story to highlight the ridiculous and dangerous nature of a marriage equality plebiscite’, The Vocal, August 2016

‘What AFL’s inaugural Pride Game means to me as a queer woman’, Daily Life, August 2016

‘When feeling sad turns out to be S.A.D.’, Feminartsy, May 2016

‘How to make grief less awkward: A guide to talking about death with the ones you love’, The Vocal, January 2016 (republished by Daily Life in April 2016)

‘The overlooked B in LGBTI’, The Vocal, October 2015 (republished by Everyday Feminism in May 2016)

‘Out of the closet: Two queer fashionistas explore the links between sexuality and appearance, and the pressure to ‘dress down’ for society’, Archer: The Australian Journal of Sexual Diversity, Issue 3: Summer 2014/2015

‘Wild Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park: A road trip of geysers, mountains, bears and bison,’ High 50 Travel, June 2015

‘A love letter to nonfiction,Writers Connect, Winter 2015

‘Is this working?,’ Compass, Summer Issue, December 2013


My poem, State Library Lawn, won the Stonnington Prize for Poetry in 2016

An excerpt of my memoir was shortlisted for the 2014 Scribe Nonfiction Prize

Book Reviews

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Writers Connect, Winter 2013

Writers Connect, Summer 2012

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Writers Connect, Winter 2012


‘Sequential Dreams’Return Flight Flight MEL>EDI?: a cross-continental creative exchange between twenty artists and writers in Melbourne and Edinburgh, Going Down Swinging, May 2017

Suggested Reading

I particularly love reading works by Alison Bechdel, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Joan Didion, Quinn Eades, David Foster Wallace, Helen Garner, Roxane Gay, M. J. Hyland, Benjamin Law, Audre Lorde, Ta Nehisi Coates, Sarah Schulman, Cheryl Strayed, Maria Tumarkin, Jeanette Winterson, Fiona Wright, and Lidia Yuknavitch.