I am a PhD student and research assistant at La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society. My PhD research explores how life writing can be used by young LGBTIQA+ people in the process of meaning-making around identity.


I am running a writing workshop at the Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council’s National Conference 2018. The conference runs from 21-23 September 2018 at St Kilda Town Hall.

I am presenting my PhD research at the Queer Legacies, New Solidarities conference. It will run from 22-24 November 2018 at Deakin University and the State Library of Victoria.

In June 2018, I presented on behalf of the Australian Research in Sex, Health and Society at Pleasure and Health: A Colloquium at Flinders University in Adelaide.

In March 2018, I co-presented with Rachel Chapman at the Popular Culture Association’s Annual Conference in Indianapolis, U.S.A.

On 11 November, I presented at the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives’ 17th Australian Homosexual Histories Conference, held at the University of Adelaide.

In December 2016, I presented my research on using creative nonfiction to promote young people’s wellbeing at the Youth, Health and Practical Justice Conference in Sydney. It is a national interdisciplinary conference organised by the UNSW Practical Justice Initiative and the UTS Faculty of Health. I also co-presented an academic poster with Rachel Chapman, who is doing important research on educators’ understanding of gender in early childhood education and how this impacts on young children.

JOURNAL articles

Below are links to two peer-reviewed journals articles I have had published:

Bellamy, R. (2018). Creative health promotion methods for young LGBTIQA+ people. Health Education Journal. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/0017896917753454.

Bellamy, R. (2017). Footy, Gangs and Love: Using Auto-ethnography to Problematise Practice on a Practicum. English in Australia, 52(2), pp. 45-52.


If you would like to contact me about my research, please email [email protected].